Poultry Wax

CALWAX®’s Duck Wax and BW 429 Adhesive Wax are used to remove feathers and pin feathers from ducks, geese, and fowl. Duck Wax is the primary wax base used in the defeathering process. BW 429 Adhesive Wax is incorporated into the defeathering system, as required, to increase the pulling strength of Duck Wax.
Poultry Wax

A recommended starting ratio is 2/3 Duck Wax and 1/3 BW 429 Adhesive Wax.

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4672 Poultry Adhesive Wax

A FDA Food Grade Microcrystalline Wax used in the de-feathering of poultry.

Calwax W445

A highly refined, food grade, white wax. This product is approved for direct food contact. Calwax W445 is utilized in numerous applications requiring a flexible, high melting, pliable, light color quality wax.

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