Cosmetic and Spa Wax

Spa Wax – “CalSpa™” wax is a specially formulated food, cosmetic and hypoallergenic grade wax product for thermal spa applications. CalSpa wax is formulated to yield a unique balance of flexibility and melting point. It is available in plain, scented or unscented, color or other additives. CalSpa wax is designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. Packaging is available to meet your specifications in various sized bags or containers. Physical forms to choose from are: pastilles, blocks or bags.

Cosmetic and Spa Wax

Why use CalSpa wax? Calspa wax is of the highest quality and purity available on the market. Most competitive products only comply with FDA requirements whereas Calspa also complies with the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) requirements making it truly a cosmetic grade wax.

CALWAX is a major producer of paraffin wax used in personal therapeutic applications. We have modern equipment and volume capacity to produce any OEM specification. If required, we can assist in formulating a custom spa wax regardless of melt point or fragrance.

If, in addition, an after-market warehousing and fulfillment service is required, our customer sales support group are ready to assist you. As with all our other custom wax formulations, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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