Candle Wax

For candle creators, CALWAX has several candle blends available. We offer soy and coconut container candle blends that are smooth and creamy with excellent adhesion, as well as paraffin container blends. We also have natural pillar blends composed of soy, palm and stearic acid and paraffin pillar blends. Varying degrees of mottle and crystallization are also available.

Candle Wax

Our petroleum-based candle blends feature maximum adhesion and low shrinkage, high fragrance capacity, clean burn, creamy appearance for color depth and intensity, low soot levels and full burn consumption.

Our soy-based, coconut based and all-natural candle blends are also among favorites of our international clientele. These blends offer a smooth, creamy look and are eco-friendly. Clean burn, high fragrance load, and minimal shrinkage are also characteristics of these blends.


Our pillar blends consist of petroleum-based and all-natural waxes. Soy wax, beeswax, and vegetable wax are among the natural ingredients which can be found in our all-natural pillar blends.

We have the ability to private label, and custom formulate customer-specific applications. Please contact our sales support team with questions on private label candles. All of our natural waxes are FDA approved.